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Because classical music is instrumental, this packet of music does not include lyrics.

The twelve selections included are:

1. Song of the Swan (from Swan Lake), by P.I. Tschaikowsky.

2. My Heart Ever Faithful, by Johan Sebastian Bach.

3. Siciliano, by Johan Sebastian Bach.

4. Woman is Fickle (from Rigoletto), by Guiseppi Verdi.

5. Humoreske, by Antonin Dvorak.

6. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes, an Old English song.

7. Scotch Dances, by Ludwig Von Beethoven.

8. To A Wild Rose, Opus 51, Number 1., by Edward MacDowell.

9. Cradle Song, Opus 49, Number 4., by Johannes Brahms.

10. Menuet, by I.J. Paderewski.

11. Excerpt From the New World Symphony, by Antonin Dvorak.

12. Bouree, by Johan Sebastian Bach.

PRICE: $6.50

Please note: Shipping costs on all orders of music only will be charged a maximum of $4.00 (not the $10.00 as the default shipping cost of this program will indicate).