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In Belarus, the gathering of wildflowers in summer, like mushrooming in the spring, represents a strong cultural tradition. It is something every does: mother, father, children, grandparents; the extended family makes a day of it and heads into the countryside to enjoy a day of sun, laughter and wildflowers Wild Rose celebrats this tradition. Five part Russian nesting doll set, three and a half inches tall. Handpainted and handlathed. Click photo for larger image.

Note: The technique used to paint this nesting dolls differs from the usual. Termed "dab painting," it is a more 'impressionistic' form of nesting doll painting. The painters strive for translucency. The effect is closer to watercolor technique than oils.

Price: $25.00

Please note: These are not cheap Chinese copies of traditional Russian matryoshkas: poorly painted and made of uncured wood (which quickly warps or splits). In every way, these are authentic Russian nesting dolls.