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A traditional Russian folk tale of cooperation, and a favorite story-telling motif in children's books. A farmer wants to pull a turnip out of his frozen garden so he can make soup. Try as he might, he can't do so. He calls his wife for help and they pull together, but also fail. In turn, the daughter, dog and the cat are called in to help. None of their efforts succeed until the mouse (charmingly shown on the largest doll) pitches in. Handpainted and handlathed Russian nesting doll set. Three and a half inches tall.

Below Amazon pricing: $21.00—with FREE shipping!

Please note: These are not cheap Chinese copies: poorly painted and made of uncured wood (which quickly warps or splits). In every way, these are authentic Russian nesting dolls. They are also shipped within 24 hours from our warehouse in the USA...not weeks later from Belarus or Russia.