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The Russian fairy tale of Tsar Saltan:

Once upon a time a very rich and powerful king had a son named Ivan. As was the custom, the king picked what he thought was a suitable bride for his son.

But his son did not agree. While the princess selected for him was indeed part of a powerful family, prince Ivan did not love her. The tsar invited many other beautiful girls to visit the castle in an attempt to win the prince's hand; but all failed. This caused no end of difficulty in the royal family--and one day, the prince announced he would travel to foreign lands to find his bride.

After many months of long-travelling, and many dangerous adventures, the young prince finally found the girl of his dreams. She was a humble girl, and kind and generous. The forest animals, especially the squirrels, loved her dearly, and would eat out of her kind hand.

The prince returned home with his bride. In no time at all, the tsar had to admit that his son had chosen wisely, and gave his consent to the marriage. The young couple were married shortly after and lived happily ever after.

Five part Russian nesting dol setl, three and a half inches tall. Handpainted and handlathed.

Below Amazon pricing: $21.00—with FREE shipping!

Please note: These are not cheap Chinese copies: poorly painted and made of uncured wood (which quickly warps or splits). In every way, these are authentic Russian nesting dolls. They are also shipped within 24 hours from our warehouse in the USA...not weeks later from Belarus or Russia.