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A traditional Russian fairy tale. Once upon a time a king had three sons. One day he told them that each should find a wife that very day, but that they would choose her in an unusual fashion. He instructed them to fire an arrow from the castle wall--and marry whoever the arrow landed near. The eldest brothers launched their arrows and were delighted to see them land near beautiful girls. But the youngest prince's arrow was hit by a strong gust of wind--and flew into a swamp where it landed at the feet of an ugly frog!

The next day, everyone married. His brother to their beautiful girls, and Ivan, to his frog. Everyone laughed at him. After the wedding, Ivan and his frog went home, where he was amazed to see the frog periodically change into a beautiful princess. She told him that a devil's sister (a witch) had changed her into a frog because she refused to marry him. She would stay in frog form until someone held up a magical egg in front of the devil, which would kill him.

The frog princess asked Ivan to help, which he was only too happy to do. And with the aid of a kind bear, hare and duck, he was able to find the magical egg and kill the devil.

At that moment the frog changed back into the beautiful princess she had been before. Ivan, and the Frog Queen (as she was known from then on) married and lived happily ever after. Seven part doll, five and a half inches tall.

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Please note: These are not cheap Chinese copies: poorly painted and made of uncured wood (which quickly warps or splits). In every way, these are authentic Russian nesting dolls. They are also shipped within 24 hours from our warehouse in the USA...not weeks later from Belarus or Russia.