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A traditional Russian fairy tale. Once upon a time a there was a young girl who was the daughter of a powerful Tsar. Her name was Elena Premudraja. While her father was powerful, he was not powerful enough to stop a devil who stole Elena away with the intent of marrying her.

The devil took Elena away to his castle high in the mountains. There, Elena secretly wrote a note asking for help, and bound it around the foot of a lovely white dove. She kissed the dove and threw it into the air. Soon, the dove had disappeared from sight.

Far away, a young soldier was resting near a stream when a dove landed at his feet. He knew right away that something was afoot, and quickly noticed the plaintive note.

It took the young soldier many weeks to travel to the devil's castle, but after many adventures he arrived at the gates. In a fierce battle that followed soon after his arrival, the young soldier killed the devil and rescued Elena Premudraja, who became his bride.

The young couple lived happily ever after and had two beautiful children. As a remembrance to the valiant dove, Elena and her husband always had a pet bird in their household.

A seven part nesting doll set. Handpainted and handlathed. Four and three eights inches tall.

Below Amazon pricing: $21.00—with FREE shipping!

Please note: These are not cheap Chinese copies: poorly painted and made of uncured wood (which quickly warps or splits). In every way, these are authentic Russian nesting dolls. They are also shipped within 24 hours from our warehouse in the USA...not weeks later from Belarus or Russia