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It is difficult to provide a comprehensive statement relevant to a safety law which is broadly recognized as being too broad, the standards of which are currently being rewritten.

This, however, we can state unequivocally: We have always used lacquers and paints which meet European Community standards. They contain no lead nor phthalates.

1. The CPSIA law covers "toys principally marketed to children 12 years and younger." The Music Maker is thus exempt, as it has always been marketed as a musical instrument, not a toy.

2. The law is currently being rewritten to provide an exemption for products made of paper, wood and other natural materials. As such, nesting dolls (gift items), swords and shields, children's theatre, checker sets, wooden blocks, the xylophone, etc. do not fall under the scope of this law. And even if they did--none of them have lead or phthalates anyway!.

3. The only items containing plastic are Perfume Creations and the magnetic toys series. Both have been tested and passed strict EU standards. They do not contain lead or phthalates.

Click the links below to review safety information provided by the manufacturer of the paints and lacquers we do use. (We distrust Belarussian materials and import Western-made paints and lacquers--all of which have passed stringent EU safety standards--into Belarus.)

Click on the images or document titles below to view the entire safety report.