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The following is a popular series of articles that appeared in our company newsletter. These stories chronicle the experiences of a series of travels to Belarus, a former Soviet Union nation sandwiched between Poland and Russia, where we the Music Maker is made.


Arrival, part two

"Why don't you have some lunch?"

"I will Kill him!"

Walking Where Napoleon Ran

A Day to Remember

Departure Day

The Bathroom from Hell

Meeting the New Director

An Unpleasant Meeting

Another Meal to Remember

A Time of Tractors and Haste

An Afternoon Walk

Stalinist Era Wooden Toys

Insulting the Windmill

The New Director (Again)

Traveller's Guide to Belarus

Vilnius, Now What?

Beer, Smuggled Electronics & A Gorgeous Woman

What Have You Done With My Belarus?

For Whom the Bells Toll

Watch Your Step, USA!!!

"Is Politics?"

Belarus Invaded!