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Children can make authentic, wonderful perfume with Perfume Creations Mini.

Perfume can be made two different ways:

1. Follow one of the foolproof recipes provided. With the eye droppers, add the required numbers of drops of water-soluble essence to a gift bottle, add water, shake, and voila--a perfume has been made!

2) The second teaches how to make a perfume the same way the professionals do. The instructions provided teaches how to use the blotters and essences to "blend" a perfume of their own design! There will be no other perfume in the world exactly like it.

Everything in Perfume Creations is of the highest quality: from the authentic French essences to the Italian gift bottles. Includes four essences, three Italian glass gift bottles, four eye droppers, ten blotters, instructions and four gift cards ( making a perfume for parents, grandparents and friends is a favorite activity and attaching a personal note makes all the difference).

Price: $10.00


1. Add the proper number of drops of essence as required (or designed).
2. Fill the glass gift bottle with water and shake.
3. Voila! A wonderful perfume has been made.

Includes four authentic French essences:

• Lavender

• Rose

• Sandalwood

• Amberry

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