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The European Expressions Music Maker stays in tune an amazing long time, but like all real musical instruments will eventually go out of tune.
If you are musical, tuning it is easy. The European Expressions Music Maker is tuned to a major scale. At our warehouse, each is tuned to the scale of G, but it can also be tuned to the keys of F, F-sharp, A, A-flat, B flat, and others.

If you are not musical, then we suggest you have someone who is musical tune it for you. This can be a friend, music student, music store, etc.

Here are a few additional tuning tips:

1. Like any real musical instrument, if you tighten the strings too much, they can break. The adjustments needed to tune your European Expressions Music Maker are very small.

2. If you have children, take the small tuner away and hide it. (Childen often break strings by turning the tuning pins too much.)

3. Make sure the tuner fits all the way down on the tuning pin before you begin tuning. This will prevent the tuner from stripping out.

4. If you are using the European Expressions Music Maker in a heavy use application (a school, for example) you should consider purchasing a heavy duty tuner. It makes tuning much easier.

5. Starting from the bottom string, each string is tuned to the following note at our warehouse: G, A, B, C, D, E, F-sharp, G, A, B, C, D, E, F-sharp, G. (The first G, by the way, is the G above Middle C.)

Two accessory music packets can help you with tuning. The first is "Simple Tuning," (which teaches how to make simple tuning adjustments to your European Expressions Music Maker) and the other is "Introduction to Music" (which explains music principles).