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Replacing a broken string can be done at home, which saves time and money. Please read each instruction carefully and think it through before accomplishing the step.

You will need the following tools: eye protection, needle-nosed pliers and wire cutters.

If you would like information regarding how we can replace a broken string for you, click here.

1. Wear eye protection (this is important!) as you carefully pull the broken wire off the tuning pins with the pliers. Thow this away. Then uncoil the replacement wire.

2. Loosen the tuning pins three turns counter-clockwise--not more! For all but the bottom wire, you will need to loosen two tuning pins.

3. Slide the replacement wire one half inch through the upper of the tuning pin's hole as shown in the first illustration.

4. Use needle-nosed pliers to bend the half inch of wire protruding from the hole upward.

5. Keep the wire taut and turn the tuning pin clockwise three turns with the tuner, making sure the wire that winds around the pin is below the tuning pin hole (see illustration two). Keeping the wire taut makes the winding easier.

6. Still keeping the wire taut, loop the wire around both pegs on the left side of the European Expressions Music Maker.

7. Slide the remaining section of wire through the second tuning pin's hole. Remember to keep the wire taut.

With your left hand, pull down on the wire three string's worth of slack (approximately)then tug the wire protruding from the tuning pin hole sharply upward. This bends the wire and holds it in place as you long keep the wire taut. You wil be able to let go of the wire with your right hand.

8. Turn the last tuning pin three turns clockwise (the slack will be taken up). Keep the wire taut as you turn the pin. Remember that the wire must wind below the tuning pin's hole. You may need to push down on the wire with your finger as you turn the tuning pin.

9. As soon as the wire is tensioned so there is no more slack, cut the excess wire from both pins with the wire cutters. (Wear eye protection). Cut as close to the edge of the tuning pin as possible. And be careful as the wire is quite sharp.

10. With the blunt edge of the needle-nosed pliers, push down on any wire protruding from the tuning pin hole. You can be pretty aggressive with this. The idea is to blunt the edge of the cut wire.

11. Tune your European Expressions Music Maker.

If you have any problems or concerns, please call us for help or advice at 805.837.9405 We want to help, do call us!