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You've tried everything, haven't you?

You fist tried a gentle touch, which didn't work. Then you tried brute force but that didn't work either.

You probably even came up with a few novel approaches: skipping holes, working by color, thinking good thoughts, lining them up left to right, or right to left. Again, no luck.

The key to solving the Magnetic Intelligence Test lies in understanding how magnets work:

1. Place all the marbles in the palm of your hand. You will note they link in a nice straight line. This means the magnets have lined up their poles: negative on one side, positive on the other. Put the marbles to the side.

2. Notice that each magnet has a seam running across its middle.

3. Notice too that each magnet's seam lines up exactly the same way. Ta-da! This is a clue!

4. Put the first marble in the first hole so its seam looks like the earth's equator.

5. Take the next marble from the linked ones and turn it upside down, and then place it next to the first marble. (The magnetic poles' attraction is thus cancelled.) The seam will look exactly like the first marble, but the marble will be turned upside down.

6. Take the third marble and place it next to the third.

7. The fourth marble--and every even numbered marble thereafter--will be turned upside down as in step 5.

8. Continue in this pattern until all the magnetic marbles are in place.


--Keep the linked together marbles away from the game board so they don't interfere magnetically.

--Never share the solution with anyone else. This gives you a chance to act supremely intelligent.

--If there is a lot of static electricity in the air (people walking across carpet) this will interfere with the magnet's ability to line up properly.