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Here are some tips that will ensure success with the Magnetic Fishing game:

1. Let the magnet do the work!

2. Slowly guide the magnetic fishing pole's red marble toward the marble you are trying to catch. As the red marble nears its target the string will become taut, making the "catching part" easier.

3. Dip the marble down quickly with the fishing pole--and equally quickly pull up. You should have caught a marble!

4. It gets much easier after the first magnetic fish is caught because a space is opened up. Approach the next marble from this open area.

5. As for the second part of the game: try to catch all the yellow marbles at one time. It's been done, but it's deceptively hard (it's actually something more for adults than children). They key is to have a very steady hand and not dip the pole too aggressively because the marbles can detach. Good luck!