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Internet Sales Policy

European Expressions has always been a strong supporter of specialty retail toy stores. We place great value on that relationship and intend to continue doing so.

To maintain the integrity of the European Expressions brand, we have elected to more actively manage how our brand is represented—and more specifically, sold—on the internet.

Like many other toy wholesaling companies, we have been increasingly frustrated with the Amazon situation. MAP policy violations, and the ripple effects they engender (everyone matching a violator's reduction of the price by a few pennies below MAP) continue to occur. Issues have also been noted with Amazon fulfillment (Music Makers have been shipped to customers without padding materials being used, or dropped on the floor, damaging the corners—and still shipped, etc.)

This new Internet Sales Policy is in response to those concerns. What we want to accomplish is:

• Improve the quality of product that is being delivered to customers.

• Diverge from the, at times, Wild West nature of the Amazon marketplace (violations of MAP, etc.)

• More fully support traditional brick and mortar toy stores by retaking control of how our products are positioned in the marketplace.

Notice of Redistribution Policy

Redistribution of European Expressions items is strictly prohibited. (Unauthorized distribution includes, but is not limited, to items purchased from distributors, closeout companies, retail /retail outlets, and wholesale clubs.)

Products purchased by dealers for sale directly to consumers from sources other than European Expressions will be considered as an infringement of the intellectual property rights of European Expressions. European Expressions will work to have infringing product removed from the marketplace where it is being sold.

Notice of Restriction of Sales on 3rd Party Marketplaces
Effective 1/1/2018 we are designating the sales of items on all 3rd party marketplaces including but not limited to as restricted to authorized sellers.

An authorized—and exclusive—seller has been selected. At this time additional sellers are not being added. If you would like to be considered as an authorized seller of items in a 3rd party marketplace in the future, please email us at and include details regarding the marketplace where you'd like to be authorized, and the capabilities you have to develop and grow our brand in that marketplace.

If You Currently Work as a Fulfillment by Program

If you participate in the Fulfilled by Amazon program, we ask that you maintain your listings of items at suggested retail price until you are sold out, and that you not restock these FBA listings. Note: we will be monitoring quantity levels of FBA sellers.

Fulfilled by Merchant sellers, however, can continue to sell European Expressions items on subject to the following expectations:

  1. Seller may only sell or advertise European Expressions items on after agreeing to the terms of this Internet Sales Policy.

  2. Retailer must advertise European Expressions items at Suggested Retail Price (MAP) to maintain brand integrity.

  3. Retailer must sell on on a Fulfillment by Merchant basis. Fulfillment by Amazon will not be allowed.

    Notice regarding Sales Via Your Company Website

European Expressions is committed to helping retail partners succeed in their direct sales channels. All online

sales through your own destination websites are automatically approved, subject to the following:

  1. Retailer may only sell or advertise European Expressions items on their destination sites after agreeing to the terms of this Internet Sales Policy.

  2. To maintain brand integrity, retailer must advertise European Expressions items at Suggested Retail Price. Exceptions to this advertising policy may be granted by European Expressions to accommodate time and marketplace limited marketingefforts.

Should you disregard this notice, your account will be subject to termination.