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This fun fortune telling kit contains everything children need to play the part of a fortune teller and predict the future.

A favorite of girls, each Fortune Teller includes a palm reading guide, 36 colored Fortune Cards, an "official" fortune teller's scarf, guidebook...even some costume jewelry. Perfect for birthday parties, sleep-overs or anywhere girls gather.

Will your client be lucky in love? Famous? Obtain great riches? Fortune Teller has the answers.

Please note: the emphasis is on light-hearted, inventive fun

Price: $15.00—and ships FREE!

(Lower than Amazon pricing)

Read the six major lines of the palm, including the ever-important 'Love' line!

Fortune Teller's 36 charmingly illustrated 'fortune' cards can answer any question your client poses.

The cards are designed so they may be interpreted in a thousand different ways...which is where the fun starts.

It's not enough to predict the future, one has to look the part of a fortune teller. Rings a bracelent and scarf are included.