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Will your client be lucky in love? Famous? Obtain great riches?

Fortune Teller has the answers because this fun fortune telling kit contains everything children need to play the part of a fortune teller and "predict the future."

A favorite of girls, each Fortune Teller kit includes a palm reading guide, 36 colored Fortune Cards, an "official" fortune teller's scarf, guidebook...even some tacky, costume jewelry.

The emphasis is on light-hearted, inventive fun; not the occult.

Price: $10.00

Learn to read the six major lines of the palm, including the ever-important 'Love' line!

Other lines to be read include : •Saturn line (an indicator of personal success and happinesss) •Head line (intelligence) • Life line (length of life) • Family line (the number of children the client will have) • Apollo line (an indicator of great achievement).

The "What is your Destiny" side of the pop-up card faces the client while the opposite side (which is a cheat sheet which shows the lines of the palm) faces the fortune teller.

Very loosely based on tarot cards , Fortune Teller's 36 charmingly illustrated 'fortune' cards can answer any question your client poses.

The client is asked to turn five cards over, one at a time, so their future may be predicted. This gives the fortune teller time to prepare their 'reading.'

The cards are ingeniously designed so they may be interpreted in a thousand different ways. And that's where the fun starts.

A lightning storm may be interpreted as negative (lightning bolts) or from a silver-lining aspect: the beneficial rain the storm brings.

It's not enough to predict the future, one has to look the part of a fortune teller. The rings, scarf and bracelet that are included take care of that nicely.