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The Children's Theatre offers the characters and backdrops of five beloved fairy tales in an easy to use paper theatre.

This table-top theatre includes 28 beautifully illustrated characters, 15 scenic backdrops, and a stage illustrated on both the front and interior.

The innovative backdrops add visual beauty to performances. One illustrated backdrop serves as the rear-most panel, while the other--which has been cut away at the center--provides a wonderful feeling of depth.

The Children's Theatre was placed on two "Top 10 Toy" holiday lists (as announced in USA Today) and has been given "Gold" status by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.

This paperboard theatre is lightweight, yet extremely strong when put together. Designed to bend, not break. Made in USA. 13.5 x 16".

Price: $20.00


View the characters of the five fairy tales included:

Little Red Riding Hood


Sleeping Beauty

The Three Little Pigs

Beauty and the Beast

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